Children just starting out in riding can work towards the Mountjoy Stables novice award. On completion children receive the novice certificate.

Mountjoy Riding Stables

Novice Award


✔ Mount or leg up
✔ Dismount
✔ Show correct position in walk
✔ Hold reins correctly
✔ Demonstrate shortening and lengthening reins
✔ Show halt to walk transition
✔ Show walk to trot transition
✔ Show trot to walk transition
✔ Show walk to halt transition
✔ Trot demonstrating sitting trot
✔ Walk and trot over poles (with assistance)
✔ Ride up and down hills in walk
✔ Basic knowledge of road safety

Horse care

✔ Approach a pony safely
✔ Lead a pony in walk
✔ Name basic parts of the pony
✔ Name basic parts of the grooming kit
✔ Demonstrate basic grooming of a pony
✔ Name the main parts of saddle and bridle
✔ Know the basic requirements of a grass kept pony
✔ Know the reasons for wearing correct riding kit