Children who are improving their standard of riding can work towards the Mountjoy Stables intermediate award. This builds on riding activities and also on pony care knowledge.

Mountjoy Riding Stables

Intermediate Award


* Mount or leg up

* Dismount

* Show correct position in walk and trot

* Hold reins correctly in walk and trot

* Demonstrate shortening and lengthening reins in walk and trot

* Show halt to walk transition

* Show walk to trot transition

* Show trot to walk transition with a half halt

* Show walk to halt transition with a half halt

* Trot demonstrating sitting trot and rising trot

* Walk and trot (with assistance) without stirrups

* Walk and trot over poles

* Demonstrate jumping position in walk and trot over small jumps

* Jump a small course of jumps with assistance

* Canter with assistance

* Ride up and down hills in walk

* Basic knowledge of road safety and basic signalling.

* Show awareness of potential hazards when riding in the field and out on the roads

Horse care

* Approach a pony safely and put head collar on

* Lead a pony in walk and trot

* Name basic parts of the pony

* Name basic parts of the grooming kit

* Demonstrate basic grooming of a pony including picking out feet with assistance

* Name the main parts of saddle and bridle

* Tack up a pony with assistance

* Show some knowledge that tack is correctly fitted

* Know how to clean and care for tack

* Put on a rug with assistance

* Know the basic requirements of a grass kept pony

* Know the reasons for wearing correct riding kit